Climate Change in the Arctic

The habitats of animals within the Arctic are rapidly melting, and there is one culprit: Climate Change. According to,"climate change is a long-term change in the earth's climate, especially a change due to an increase in the average atmospheric temperature". The pollution we are releasing into the air is heating up the atmosphere, speeding up the process of the glaciers melting. Due to the glaciers melting, not only are the water levels rising, but the glaciers under the animals feet are falling away. Imagine waking up one day, in bed, surrounded by water. All of your possessions are gone, the home you have with your family is gone, perhaps even your family is gone. This is the unfortunate situation for so many of these animals, and it's completely out of their control. The more the glaciers melt, the more animals are left without homes. Animals often get stuck on pieces of ice that break away. When the ice melts, the animals will most likely drown unless thay can somehow manage to swim back to the mainland, and not all arctic animals can swim.

As you can see animals in the arctic (the example above being a polar bear) are perishing, losing their homes, and drowning because of climate change. We need to work collectively to move towards a less polluted environment, otherwise those innocent creatures take the loss for it.

Animals That Are Struggling

What You Can Do to Help With the Situation